Daslight 5
Daslight 5
next generation DMX lighting software for PC and Mac
Daslight 5

Take your light show to a whole new level with the brand new DMX lighting software package from Daslight.

With over 15,000 lighting fixtures, a new timeline, live mixer and iPhone/iPad/Android control Daslight 5 lets you create bigger and better light shows easier than ever before.

Super Scene

Probably the most powerful new feature in Daslight 5
Combine your different scenes on the timelines of a Super Scene and easily create complex and perfectly timed scenes with perfect precision. Change one of the source scenes and your Super Scene will be automatically updated.

Super Scene
New FX

Create impressive effects on any type of channel, and even map them in 2D. Combine an unlimited number of effects with a Super Scene timeline.

New FX
Live mixer

Control the dimmers of each group directly in the new Live mixer rack. Trigger the strobe, a blinder, change the colour... also from the Live mixer.

Live mixer
20k fixture profiles
Patch grid
Position on 2D view
Easy control with color wheels, gobo buttons, pan/tilt grids, faders
Scenes with steps and FX
3D visualiser
Live playback

Control Dimmer, speed, phase shift, and size directly with the new live rotary encoders available for each scene. Play your scenes forwards, backwards, or both ways. Divide your scenes into segments which can be jumped between with a GO button or BPM.

Live playback
Music Sync

Synchronize your show with the music BPM using tap-tempo, MIDI clock or Ableton Link. React to the music pulse with line-in audio. Divide scenes into a number of beats of your choice to sync in harmony with tricky tempo’s!

Music Sync
Mapping modes

Switch the entire software to mapping mode, allowing you to link any control to your keyboard, MIDI controller, or DMX console in one click!

Mapping modes

Set the maximum movement of your fixtures and focus the beams only in the area you want. Also adjust the minimum and maximum dimming of each fixture for your entire show.


Create a custom screen layout to use on a touchscreen, or link with an iPhone, iPad or Android device over WiFi. Perfect for mobile control and for installations.

Daslight 5 features list

• Compatible with any Nicolaudie Group manufactured SUT device (Daslight 5 license required)
• Compatible with Art-Net (license required)
• Multiple device connections possible
• MIDI and OSC compatible
• BPM control by Ableton Link, MIDI Clock, audio detection, tap tempo, or manual selection
• Auto detection for software updates

• Up to 100 DMX universes
• Unlimited fixture groups
• 20000+ available fixtures
• Access to Cloud fixture library for latest updated profiles
• DMX address, fixture order & group setup 
• Instant custom matrix and strip fixtures
• Movement & dimmer limitations per fixture
• In built 2D fixture arrangement with spreading & alignment tools

Control & Sync
• Up to 1000 banks containing scenes for your static & dynamic effects
7 live FX engines (Colour, Chaser, Move, Value, Curve, Mappings, and Colour Mappings)
• Stack unlimited FX engines to create unique FX racks
• Multiple effect types within each FX engine
• Relative and absolute effect attributes 
• Steps sequencing scene type
• Super Scene effect- triggering scenes on a timeline
• Audio file import to Super Scenes
• Dimmer and Phasing automation in Super Scene
• Scene playback slider and playback direction
• Tempo, beat go and sound-to-light scene synchronisation 
• Scene fade in and out 
• Scene priorities
• Scene loop count and ‘Jump to’ function
• Manual control of fixture features & faders
• Save and recall custom colour palettes
• Possibility to blind edit scenes (not affecting live playing show)
• Possibility to write scenes to device for stand alone playback

• Live Mixer with Group control (Dimmer, HUE/Saturation, Flash, Strobe, Blackout, Solo)
• Live editing features and faders
• Scene live controls (Dimmer, Speed, Phase, and Size)
• Scene skip, previous, pause and stop controls
• Control & scene mapping to MIDI, OSC, computer keyboard, DMX input, dry contact ports and Touch window

Touch & Remote Control
• In-built Touch window allows creation of custom control surfaces (buttons, faders, dials, incremental wheels, colour wheels, XY grids)
• Map software functions to Touch controls
• Daslight Remote mobile/tablet app allows control of Daslight 5 Touch screen over network
• Multiple instances of Daslight Remote connected to single Daslight 5 instance

Extra tools & features
• 3D visualiser software
• Hardware Manager for device management
• Online Profile Builder tool (internet connection required) 
• Detach software windows for dual monitor arrangements
• Invert/swap Pan & Tilt channels
• Full or partial software lock with password control