I see these boxes everywhere! Who are you? Are you a re-seller?

We have been manufacturing DMX software and hardware for over 25 years. We OEM our software and interfaces to several other companies who sell them under their own brand. All products you see on this website are designed and manufactured by us.

Where can I buy your products?

You can purchase from one of our distributors. See the distributors page to find your local reseller. If you are a trade customer or if you are interested in becoming a reseller, please contact us.

I am looking for on-site support/training...

We can provide training for your staff at our offices. Alternatively we have many partners who provide support all over the world. Drop us an e-mail and we will put you in touch with someone.

I didn't receive my invoice. How do I get it?

By visiting our webstore, you can access your invoices.  To access your invoices, login to the webstore using your email address.  Once you are logged in: click on your email (top right corner) and then click on "Invoices".  Once you have reached the invoices, you may choose to download the PDF file.


What do I need to do to upgrade my interface?

See the Upgrades page for more information on upgrading your Daslight interface

Where can I find the serial number on my interface?

In most cases the SN (Serial Number) is visible on the PCB or the CPU.  The SN is usually a 4 to 9 digit number.  In some instances, it may be necessary to open the plastic casing (by removing the 2 screws) to see the SN.  Also, it is possible to see the SN by using the Hardware Manager Software.  The Hardware Manager Software can be found on our website, by visiting the "Downloads" page.


My interface is not detected

Make sure you are using the latest software version available from our website.
Update the firmware with HardwareManager.exe available in the software directory and windows start menu.
Try another USB cable and socket.
If you are using a 64 bit operating system, make sure your interface is 64 bit compatible. (SIUDI1, 2 and 5 interfaces are only 32bit compatible)
Check that your USB hub is USB 2.0 or higher.
If you are using a GZM interface, try removing and replacing the miniSD card
Refer to the USB not detected video tutorial

I have No DMX output

Make sure you are using the latest software version available from our website.
Check the DMX output using Hardware Manager.exe to see if it is a software problem or not.

What are the pins on the rear of the interface for?

The port socket is a HE10 dry contact port socket. No voltage needs to be sent. Connect a relay from a switch. When one of the port pins shorts with the ground pin, the scene will be triggered and will stay on even after the port has been released. You can combine the ports in binary to enable you to have more triggers. We do not make any switches for these, however more information including manufacturers links can be found in the manual.

My electronic interface isn't working. What should I do?

If your interface isn't working, you will need to create a ticket through our web store to request a ticket.  You will need to create an account, if you don't already have one. Once you've created an account, add your address and telephone number.  Please follow the steps listed below:
- Click "Repair & Fix"
- Click "New Ticket"
- Enter the serial number located on your interface
- Enter the description of the problem you are having with your interface

Once we've received your ticket , one of the following will happen:
- An RMA Technician will contact you, to attempt to solve the issue remotely. 
- In the event the issue cannot be solved remotely, an RMA Technician will reply with an authorized RMA number, a shipping address, and information on any possible charges that may occur for repairs.

Important:  Please do NOT ship your interface, without first obtaining the required RMA authorization number.  If your interface is shipped without the required RMA authorization number, it will be returned to you, without repairs, at your expense.


Daslight Express vs Full

Daslight comes in two different options - Full and Express mode. The Express mode will come with some limitations, which you can find listed below:

Daslight 5 Express Mode Limitations:

1. Maximum of 4 scenes playing simultaneously.
2. No Super Scenes.
3. No Live Mixer.

Daslight 4 Express Mode Limitations:

1. Maximum 4 scenes playing simultaneously.
2. Maximum of 32 steps per scene.

If you want to upgrade from the Express to the Full version, this can be done at store.dmxsoft.com.

Will my old DVC interface work with the latest Daslight software?

To use Daslight 5, you will need a SUT compatible device. Compatible devices include the DVC Fun, DVC Gold, DVC GZM and the DVC4 Fun. The DVC4 Gold, DVC4 GZM, and older Daslight devices are unfortunately not compatible with Daslight 5.

To use the Daslight 4 software a DVC FUN, DVC4 GOLD, DVC4 GZM, or DVC3 GZM will be required. Older Daslight interfaces are not compatible.

Visit store.daslight.com/upgrade for more information on upgrading to the latest hardware range.

I have a message saying I must update my firmware. What does this mean?

Firmware is the code which is stored inside your interface's memory chip. It includes important information to allow your interface to communicate with the computer and run in stand-alone. Sometimes we make updates to the firmware, or we will make a software update which will require a firmware update to work properly.
To update your firmware:
1. Make sure you have the latest software version installed from our website
2. Close any DMX software you may have running and open "Hardware Manager.exe" which can be found in your software root directory (eg. C:->LightingSoft->Hardware Manager). You can also find this in the start->program files menu
3. Select the firmware tab and click update firmware
4. Wait a few seconds whilst the firmware is updated and the interface resets. "Interface Not Detected" will appear whilst your interface is being reset

What is the minimum configuration required to use Daslight 4 on my computer?

Minimum computer requirements: 
Computer working under Windows 7 or higher, or MAC OSx 10.13 or higher
1 Ghz speed processor
2 Gb Memory (RAM) 
1280*768 pixel screen 
OpenGL 3.1 (for 3D)
*NOTE: we have had several reports of the Intel HD Graphics 3000 adapter not properly working with OpenGL 3.1*

Recommended computer requirements: 
Computer working under Windows 7 or higher, or MAC OSx 10.13 or higher
2 Ghz speed processor, dual core
4 Gb Memory (RAM) 
Video card with 1GB video memory
1920*1080 pixel screen 
OpenGL 3.1 (for 3D)

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